You Need to Get to Know the Girl Who Plays Erica Sinclair on ‘Stranger Things’

By | July 5, 2019

It’s Stranger Things weekend, y’all! While you’re probably currently Googling every single plot line and potential spoiler, you should also do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Priah (pronounced Pree-uh, rhymes with CYA) Ferguson, the charming nug of a human that plays Lucas Sinclair’s little sister Erica.

She’s back in an even bigger way for season 3. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

She’s only 12 years old!

According to (lol, sorry) she’s only 12, which means she’s probably doing a hell of a lot more than you were doing at age 12. I barely even knew how to text at that age.

She found out she got the role of Erica when she had just come home from school one day, and she was getting a snack when her mom read the email. If that’s not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard, IDK what is. Oh, and she’s from Georgia!

Her character Erica Sinclair is the Queen of Sass.

In the second season of the Netflix show, she killed it as Lucas’s little sister, roasting him for being a nerd the entire time and basically making fun of him the way all little sisters should make fun of their big brothers.

Remember this iconic scene?



And this epic one-liner?



We must protect Erica at all costs!!

She wasn’t supposed to be on the show long-term.

In a recent interview, she said she was only supposed to be in one episode. Everyone liked her so much, though, that they kept bringing her back and gave her an even bigger role for the new season.

Her character is much more involved this season.

She’s coming into this season as a series regular instead of just an occasional-appearance kinda person. She couldn’t say much about her character’s role in the plot, but it does seem like she spends a lot of time with Maya Hawke’s character Robin and Joe Keery’s character Steve.

This is all she could say: “I got to do a little bit of action, and that was really fun,” she said. “This season is definitely scarier…but it’s also really, really good and it’s suspenseful.”

But she did indicate that she’d have a group of her own friends, her girls, and she’ll be on a pretty cool “mission.”

She says she’s her own worst critic, which is adorable for someone who is 12.

In an interview this week, she said she couldn’t even watch the second season because she kept thinking about things she could have done differently. While her parents watched her on-screen, she went up and played with her Barbies instead. Iconic.

Her fashion game is INCREDIBLE.

How is anyone allowed to be this cool at age 12?

Absolutely not!

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