Why women are suffering from burnout and what we can do about it

By | September 10, 2020

n Health & Living, free with Monday’s Irish Independent, free with Monday’s Irish Independent, we look at how the past six months have exposed inequities in the domestic sphere.

Emily Hourican writes about palliative care in Ireland and the misconception that it is only for the dying and Dr Jennifer Grant has advice on how to get to the bottom of painful periods.

The potentially life-saving blood test all middle-aged men need to ask their GP for, 10 practical ways we can protect ourselves from Covid-19 now that the schools are back.

David Coleman on how to manage sibling rivalry, Bill Linnane prepares his daughter for toxic masculinity, plus: My brother has fertility issues and he has asked me to be a sperm donor – don’t miss Allison Keating’s life and relationships column.

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