When is malaria season in mali

By | June 9, 2020

when is malaria season in mali

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention SMC, the administration of complete therapeutic courses of antimalarials to children aged 3—59 months during the malaria transmission season, is a new strategy recommended by the World Health Organization WHO for malaria control in Sahelian countries such as Mali with seasonal transmission. The strategy is a highly cost-effective approach to reduce malaria burden in these areas. Despite the substantial benefits of SMC on malaria infection and disease, the optimal approach to deliver SMC remains to be determined. While fixed-point delivery FPD and non-directly observed treatment NDOT by community health workers are logistically attractive, these need to be evaluated and compared to other modes of delivery for maximal coverage. The primary endpoint was SMC coverage assessed by cross-sectional survey of 2, children at the end of intervention period. Directly observed therapy, which requires more time and resources, did not improve coverage with SMC.

Water- and food-borne diseases are prevalent with sporadic outbreaks of diarrheal diseases season, especially during the rainy season. The majority of children, when There is no risk in chlorinated swimming pools or in seawater. Vector abundance and malaria transmission in rice-growing villages in Malaria. Surface water is almost always contaminated and ground water from mali wells commonly brackish. Annals of Statistics 46—

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