What is it like being on antidepressants

By | June 10, 2020

what is it like being on antidepressants

I worried that taking pills would change who I was, snatching away my creativity, my cool, edgy dark thoughts, and my self-deprecating sense of humour. I had shaky legs in the morning. I felt a little more thirsty than usual. But that was it. No dramatic changes, no magical transformation into a happy, depression and anxiety free version of myself. I was still feeling low. I was still obsessing over open windows, lit candles, and switches left on. I went to my GP, and he explained that it might just be taking a while for the effects of the pills to set in, noting that it could be another month before I felt at all different. My shaky legs have calmed down.

Never ever! In crisis, I took every medication I found in my parents home they were at work and I mean everything. My current regime is pristiq and the smallest dose of abilify that is possible to take, 1 mg half the lowest dose prescribed. However, in this period I still missed the benefits of the drugs, and as mild social anxiety but not dysthymia returned I decided upon another visit to the pdoc in July, who prescribed me paroxetine Paxil. I tried to go off it on my own and became upset from the withdrawals. I still feel compassion, even though I think more about them then I really feel. Certain types of drugs can be prescribed for short-term use in addition to, or instead of, antidepressants. Paxil has a calming effect which in a way somewhat numbs some of my emotions and prevents me from becoming completely panic stricken or overwhelmed. It was a nightmare.

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But the decrease is welcome. She chided me for changing medications so frequently, and at my request prescribed escitalopram Lexapro. I was referred by my GP for counselling but because I was on the cusp of turning 18 I was forced to see a child therapist and she just didn’t have the skills to deal with what was going on with my life so I decided to seek help in the form of medication. Another rumour about antidepressants is that they give you a daily dose of happy. In order to not spiral out of control and send yourself to the hospital when deciding to come off antidepressants, a meticulous and tenacious weaning-off plan is in order. At age 19, I had my first suicide attempt. I was not likely to kill muself, but I had lost my motivation and will to live. Was unable to nap despite feelings of desperate fatigue.

It is always advisable to reduce the dose slowly, with close monitoring, to minimise possible discomfort as your body adjusts to the lower dose. There is a big stigma around anti depressants, particularly against bipolar and other chronic conditions. After a few weeks in the hospital I began to spiral downward, I was so upset that I survived.

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