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Variations in The Specialty Pharmacy Hub Model – Pharmacy Times

Specialty pharmacy hubs have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a wide variety of services to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Although many hubs offer similar services, no 2 specialty pharmacy hubs and no 2 hub programs are entirely alike. Each program has unique needs based on a manufacturer’s desired network, relevant disease state, services required, and… Read More »

Allergy Season Is A Risky Time Of Year For Asthma Patients – Escalon Times

Allergies can mean discomfort for asthma sufferers, both during seasonal allergy season and whenever allergens are encountered. For people who already have complications due to asthma, allergies can be especially problematic – even triggering asthmatic episodes. Allergies and asthma happen to share a lot of traits. Unfortunately, they also happen to occur together frequently, says… Read More »

Coronavirus effects on California healthcare workers – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus is continuing to take a devastating toll on healthcare workers across the state, according to new data. More than 1,600 healthcare workers have become infected, a number of them through sources outside work, and officials say they are alarmed at the pace. With coronavirus “moving rapidly within the community, healthcare workers now appear just… Read More »