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Some US states return to previous restrictions to slow surge of coronavirus cases

With July 4 celebrations approaching, officials are trying not to repeat scenes from Memorial Day, when thousands flocked to beaches, bars and parties while experts cautioned that crowds could lead to spikes in cases down the road. In Texas and parts of California, bars were directed to close back down, while beaches in Miami, Fort… Read More »

Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn’t prove out in clinical trial

Historically, half or more of people with type 1 diabetes develop kidney disease, which frequently progresses to kidney failure requiring hemodialysis or a kidney transplant for survival. The high rate of this diabetic complication has dropped slightly in recent years, with the advent of better ways to control blood glucose (sugar) levels and improved blood… Read More »

Australia axes overseas travel and large gatherings to slow covid-19

By Alice Klein New measures are in place to limit the spread of covid-19 in AustraliaSTEVEN SAPHORE/AAP/PA Images Australia has announced major restrictions on overseas travel, large gatherings and visits to care homes in an effort to limit the spread of covid-19. The country is in the early stages of its coronavirus outbreak, with 454… Read More »

A slow death by charting

It’s 10 p.m. Seven days before Christmas. I’m sitting at work “finishing” up some charts. I am suddenly overcome with anger. What am I doing here right now at this minute? I am helping no one. This work I’m typing away at — trying so hard not to scream — it’s hoops. Fucki*g hoops …… Read More »