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EDs should tailor clinical decision support to avoid antibiotic overprescribing, data suggests

A unique set of factors of the emergency department makes standard Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems not as effective in helping to reduce antibiotic overprescribing in that environment, according to findings from the University of Colorado College of Nursing at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Antimicrobial resistance is a major public health concern, accounting for 2.8… Read More »

‘This is NOT a blip’: COVID-19 cases are accelerating in Canada. Should we be worried?

Article content continued With schools starting back up again and businesses largely open, the challenges are more difficult than in March or April, because we’re starting at a baseline of greater exposure risk, he said. “And I think people really need to recognize that.” In March, there was a “captive sense of fear” and dread,… Read More »

Social Media Star and Singer Scotty Sire Thinks You Should Be Drinking Espresso Martinis in the Morning

Ever wake up in the morning and feel just like…pure sh*t? Yup, we’ve all been there. But to make sure that never happens again, YouTuber and singer Scotty Sire has got the perfect solve. Two words: Espresso. Martini. To get started on his masterpiece, he gathered up: a cup, a martini glass, coffee syrup, an… Read More »