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6 bento box recipes for beginners

Meal prep can be fun, colourful and time efficient. Author of ‘Bento Power’ Sara Kiyo Popowa shares six bento box recipes  Whether you want to save money, eat healthier or quit having sad meals at your desk, investing some time in preparing vibrant and fun lunch boxes means you will always appreciate and look forward… Read More »

Puthandu 2020 Recipes: From Manga Pachadi to Aval Payasam, Five Traditional Foods to Celebrate Tamil New Year

Aval Payasam (Photo Credits: YouTube) Puthandu, also known as Tamil New Year, is celebrated as the first day of Chithirai – the first month in the Tamil calendar year. This time Puthandu will be celebrated on April 14, 2020. People of Tamil origin begin the celebration with huge and colourful kolams (rangoli), which are drawn… Read More »