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Exciting news: Fitnessista Fit Team and Online Personal Training are HERE!

Hi friends! I’m writing with exciting news today: Fitnessista Team and Online Personal Training are here!! Since the early days of the blog, I’ve been flooded with requests for online personal training. I just didn’t know how to scale this – I’ve always wanted to help as many people as possible and I felt like… Read More »

Healthcare IT News and MobiHealthNews expand into Europe, Middle East & Africa edition

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging of our lifetime. Thinking back to January, none of us would have predicted the emergence of a pandemic-causing virus, let alone its devastating outcomes that have affected tens of millions of lives around the world so far. It has changed the… Read More »

It has come to this: ignore vaccines-in-animals drug industry PR & news

A long-haired male golden hamster (via Wikipedia & Creative Commons) Earlier this week, a powerful opinion piece, “It Has Come To This:  Ignore the CDC,”  co-authored by former National Institutes of Health director Harold Varmus,  was published in the New York Times. That’s on the science side. On the PR and journalism side, it has… Read More »