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African mango how long to cook

The fruit is nearly spherical, green when ripe with a bright orange pulp. The African mango, Irvingia gabonesis, is unlike other mangoes in that it produces an edible protein-rich seed that is commonly used in Cameroonian cooking. Need to purchase some African mango kernels? Our 50 Most-Photographed Recipes. Proponents of the latest health fad say… Read More »

Tonsillitis how long antibiotics

Sore throat — acute. Ask your doctor if you can take over-the-counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen antibiotics help relieve sore throat pain. Long to see Health professionals who can evaluate tonsillitis, perform quick tests or throat cultures, and prescribe antibiotic treatment, if needed, include: Pediatrician Family how physician Long ear, nose, and… Read More »

Malaika Mihambo: Long jump world champion reveals her workout, diet, hair & skin care and success story

Malaika Mihambo is a German athlete, and the current world champion in long jump. She won the gold medal at the 2013 European Junior Championships. She won her first senior major event at the 2014 European Team Championships, setting the new championship record with a jump of 6.90 metres. In 2015, she won the gold… Read More »

Switching to natural skincare products can help you in the long run – here’s why

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rebirth of the natural cosmetics industry, and everyone from dermatologists to influencers seems to be raving about them. But why are these natural skincare products so popular, and why should you make more room for them in your beauty routine? Just like the rest of our organs,… Read More »