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The True Story Behind ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ Reveals What the Movie Left Out

NICO TAVERNISE/NETFLIX © 2020Netflix We might as well add The Trial Of The Chicago 7, which just hit Netflix, to the list of “eerily relevant” stories being told today. While the true story that inspired the film took place over 50 years ago, many of the themes and events mirror current events. Just like 2020,… Read More »

What causes chest pain on the left side?

A person should never ignore chest pain. If a person is experiencing chest pain on the left side of their body, this could indicate a heart attack or other medical conditions, such as a lung problem or inflammation of the lining around a person’s heart. This article will cover the potential causes and symptoms of… Read More »

Who muscle pain left side

Did you find the information in this article helpful? Kidney stones have the potential to cause extreme pain in left side of the abdominal area. However, if they’re too large, they will need to be surgically removed. Stress: It may be hard to believe, but stress can be what’s causing your pain. Determining the location… Read More »