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Edible Whiskey ‘Tide Pods’ Are Now a Thing, and the Internet Is Feeling Some Kind of Way

Ever wanted to enjoy a decent scotch without the hassle of using a glass? Upscale whiskey brand The Glenlivet has just announced its new “Capsule Collection” which enables consumers to pop a pod of booze directly into their mouth. The new range includes three new Founders Reserve-based cocktail recipes, each held within pods that are… Read More »

What kind of seasoning can diabetics use

Parsley with stuffing, rice, egg salad, green salad, vegetable salad, baked beans, vegetables, soups, and tomato sauces. Even better, you can make the almond flour yourself by grinding the almonds until they are of fine texture. The same food that is light in what kind of seasoning can diabetics use would have 250 mg of… Read More »