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Merck’s cancer meds keep churning amid COVID-19, but vaccines stumble

Earlier this year, Merck warned investors that the COVID-19 pandemic would take a multbillion-dollar bite out of its revenue expectations for 2020. And in the second quarter, that prediction took shape. The pandemic hurt Merck’s pharmaceutical sales by about $ 1.5 billion from April to June, the drugmaker reported, despite continued growth for its cancer medicines. Sales… Read More »

How to Keep Ticks Off You and Your Pets

There’s nothing better than spending a warm sunny day outside with your pet – whether you’re on a walk through the neighborhood, through a local park, or on a hike through the woods. But there’s one big potential downside to romping around outdoors with your pet, and it’s one that can affect both humans and… Read More »

Eleven Madison Park chef will keep feeding needy New Yorkers after coronavirus

Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park will be changing the way he runs his restaurant after the pandemic lifts to better help feed the hungry, Side Dish has learned. Humm, whose three-starred Michelin restaurant was named the world’s best in 2017, is amping up his role at a non-profit, Rethink Food NYC, to become its top… Read More »

Cybersex Tips: From Hot Webcam Sex To Online Dirty Talking, 5 Things To Keep In Mind!

Cybersex (Photo Credits: Pixabay) It is quarantine time, and there is no better way to fulfil your sexual fantasies than to have cybersex. For those who do not know, cybersex is also called online sex, internet sex, netsex or cybering is one way you can sexually stimulate yourself and your partner virtually. This is one… Read More »

Coronavirus sparks surge in demand for ventilators as companies try to keep up

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, boosting the need for ventilators, companies are ramping up their efforts to keep up with demand. From the Netherlands to Wisconsin, to Southern California, companies that manufacture the lifesaving machines all said they are stepping up production. This undated photo provided by Vyaire Medical, Inc. shows… Read More »