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Most Home Health Aides ‘Can’t Afford Not to Work’ — Even When Lacking PPE

In March, Sue Williams-Ward took a new job, with a $ 1-an-hour raise. The employer, a home health care agency called Together We Can, was paying a premium — $ 13 an hour — after it started losing aides when COVID-19 safety concerns mounted. Williams-Ward, a 68-year-old Indianapolis native, was a devoted caregiver who bathed,… Read More »

Our Home Is Our Health Hub: CTA and CHI Align to Address Digital and Health Equity

In the pandemic, I’ve been weaving together data to better understand how people as consumers are being re-shaped in daily life across their Maslow Hierarchies of Needs. One of those basic needs has been digital connectivity. People of color have faced many disparities in the wake of the pandemic: the virus itself, exacting greater rates… Read More »

Cuomo sparks outrage with false claim about nursing home deaths

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo provoked outrage this week when he falsely claimed that his administration did not send elderly COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and boasted about the lives his policies saved. “Every time I see an interview where someone actually asks him about the nursing home policy,” said Janice Dean, a Fox News… Read More »

Coronavirus: Primary schools ‘no greater risk than home’ for pupils and staff

Attending primary school puts children and staff at no greater risk of contracting coronavirus than staying at home, a study of 131 schools suggests. Tests to find out who had already had the virus found similar levels of antibodies in pupils and teachers. But the study, of 12,000 adults and children in England, was carried… Read More »

Hair loss treatment: New hair loss prevention service could be delivered to your home

A new hair loss solutions company, Sons, are on a mission to provide affordable and personalised hair care for men. It’s estimated that 6.5 million guys are currently suffering from hair loss. Are you one of them? Dr Knut Moe – the Medical Director at Sons – revealed a shocking statistic. “Male pattern hair loss… Read More »