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Why is chlamydia the hidden std

Research chlamydia Training Issues in Sexuality For the past decade, behavioral research the sexuality has been driven largely by public health efforts to decrease HIV transmission. The Journal of infectious diseases ; Suppl 2:S Marx and colleagues reviewed 16 epidemiologic studies that examined drug use, sexual behavior, and Sd. In addition, a large nationwide survey… Read More »

Hidden death toll: Doctors say people dying as they avoid ERs due to COVID fears

Health-care providers are warning of an unseen toll COVID-19 could take if people die because they are too afraid to go to an emergency room for serious health issues unrelated to the pandemic. “There’s going to be secondary harm. Make no mistake,” said Dr. Alan Drummond with the Canadian Federation of Emergency Physicians. “To what… Read More »

The Hidden Risks of Pesticides

Chemical pesticides have become a mainstay of modern agriculture, despite red flags that they’re slowly destroying ecosystems. (Technically, pesticides are designed to kill insects, while herbicides are used to kill weeds or substances like bacteria or fungi, but when discussing them, the U.S. EPA lumps them all together as “pesticides.”1) Part of what makes assessing… Read More »