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Herbs for Managing Headache

Herbs are very complex, therefore, one thing you need to remember about herb for headache is that, although herbal remedies tend to be gentler than drugs, if you take too much they can not only make your headache worse, but do real harm to your body. Checkout the various herbs listed below, used in headache management: Feverfew Feverfew… Read More »

How long anti fungal herbs

For medicinal uses, herbalists use the root of the plant, which how long anti fungal herbs can buy in a powder or extract form, as well as a tea. Calendula can be prepared a few different ways, including infusions, tinctures, lotions and ointments. If your doctor is not monitoring your liver, you should bring it… Read More »

How to use antiviral herbs

Oregano Finally, nearly all pantries have oregano, but did you know that besides being great for seasoning, oregano is tops for fighting off bacteria and viruses in the body? Just add one tablespoon of your herbs to a cup of hot water and let it soak for a few minutes. CAUTION: Suma could cause nausea… Read More »

What are herbs and their uses

Helps with irritable bowel and diarrhea. Stocks and stews. If you encounter mild fever, an example would be taking ginger rather than Dramamine. When combined with lavender, tomatoes and potatoes. I toss these herbs – structuring my diet. Are often used in winter and fall drinks, it was used as a what are herbs and… Read More »