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Having trouble sleeping: What to know

Sleeping difficulty refers to difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or waking up too early. Low quality sleep and a lack of sleep can both negatively affect a person’s health. Chronic sleep loss can even lead to headaches, excessive fatigue, and cognitive impairments. Sleeping difficulties may occur due to lifestyle factors, poor sleep hygiene, or… Read More »

Having sex during the pandemic? Wear a mask, get kinky and get tested, advise experts

New York’s City Health Department is urging people to wear masks while having sex, to help stop the pandemic. Guidelines from the department state that New Yorkers should try to stay at home and have minimal contact with others, but accept people “will, and should, have sex.” Whether the coronavirus can spread through intercourse has… Read More »

Why you’re having weird, vivid dreams

An interesting side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is the number of people who say they are having vivid dreams. Many are turning to blogs and social media to describe their experiences. While such dreams can be confusing or distressing, dreaming is normal and considered helpful in processing our waking situation, which for many people… Read More »