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Can you get a rash from allergies

Contact dermatitis usually occurs get areas of aallergies body that have been directly exposed to the reaction-causing substance – for example, along a calf that brushed you poison ivy or under a watchband. The doctor gave me a help moisturize dry skin and reduce itching. The substance could be one steroid cream for my rash… Read More »

New York governor says 5-year old died from rare COVID-related complications

(Reuters) – A 5-year old boy has died in New York from a rare inflammatory syndrome believed to be linked to the novel coronavirus, highlighting a potential new risk for children in the pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday. FILE PHOTO: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks at his daily briefing at New York… Read More »

All the virus news from the past 24 hours

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will convene National Cabinet on Tuesday with state and territory leaders ahead of crucial talks on Friday to consider a relaxation of social distancing measures nationwide. There are 6828 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Australia, with 3036 in New South Wales, 1406 in Victoria, 1038 in Queensland, 438 in South Australia, 551… Read More »

It’s time to honor those who died from COVID-19 by sharing their stories

As of this moment, 40,265 Americans have died. They loved their families and friends. They had hopes and dreams. They were moms and dads, daughters and sons, grandmas, and grandpas. They meant something to somebody. Their deaths are barely acknowledged by anyone. They exist as statistics. This is a frightening time we live in. We… Read More »