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Trump wants some states to reopen soon but new outbreaks continue in nursing homes and food processing plants

“Our national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term solution,” Trump told reporters. Trump unveiled new guidelines on Thursday to help states loosen social distancing restrictions and restart the economy. The guidelines, which won’t be mandatory, suggest a phased approach that will still keep schools closed and allow some restaurants and gyms to operate under social… Read More »

Is It Time to Start Growing Your Own Food?

There are many reasons more people are buying seeds and planting their own gardens. One of the main reasons is that you have control over growing your food organically and you can enjoy some of the freshest produce available. During World Wars I and II the government encouraged Americans to grow their own food to… Read More »

What food good for hair loss

Healthful fats are an important part of every diet, almonds are rich in nutrients food can make hair strong and shiny. Certain amino good in protein, hair loss what hair thinning. Not to mention fiber, styling and tying your hair too tight stresses the hair follicles and may lead to a type of hair loss… Read More »

What are the food with vitamin k

Any vitamin K your body doesn’t need immediately is stored in the liver for future use, so you don’t need it in your diet every day. Benefits of vitamin K foods – Dr. Achievements, challenges, and promising new approaches in vitamin and mineral deficiency control”. I think your readers will all benefit from what are the… Read More »

Food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity: What’s the difference, and why does it matter?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Many people have experienced unpleasant symptoms related to food, but such a reaction does not necessarily mean that you have a food allergy. The symptoms could indicate a food intolerance, food sensitivity, or possibly celiac disease. The post Food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity: What’s the difference, and why does it… Read More »