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What Does It Mean, Exactly, to Be Nonbinary?

Over the last couple of years, several prominent public figures have publicly expressed that they identify as nonbinary, including singer Sam Smith, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness, and actor and activist Rose McGowan. There are also a number of nonbinary artists and performers who explore gender identity in their work, including RuPaul’s Drag Race… Read More »

4 iconic eye make up looks and exactly how to get them

In this week’s Beautista column, beauty editor Annabel Meggeson chooses iconic eye make-up looks and brings you an essential how-to guide Eye make-up. When did it become so complicated? And intimidating? Maybe it’s the overabundance of implements – pencils, pens, liquids, gels, brushes, smudgers – or the overabundance of instructions and tutorials (I get the irony,… Read More »