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How long do asthma episodes last

Although its exact cause remains a mystery and no cure exists, asthma is a chronic disorder. Muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes contract, viral respiratory infections, day management and specific instructions on what to do during an episode. Panic can prevent a patient from relaxing and following instructions properly – 9 million Americans and is one… Read More »

4 new Veritalk episodes take on food: culture, veganism, gut health, obesity

Ph.D. students explore the culture and science of food in the Veritalk podcast By GSAS Communications DateJune 4, 2019 Food binds us together. A shared meal can help broker peace between families, or peace between nations. But food also can be divisive. Deciding what to eat is about more than nutrition or what tastes good.… Read More »

What can trigger depression episodes

Psychiatry hospitals in the nation for 2019-2020 by U. It can occur for a variety of reasons and it has many different triggers. Disruption to these important brain functions may explain the symptoms of psychosis. This may result in the new mother feeling depressed. For those that suffer from this form of depression, the symptoms… Read More »