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How Livongo and Teladoc closed an $18.5 billion deal during a pandemic

Livongo’s founder and early investor on route to the meeting in Dallas. Source: Hemant Teneja The merger of Livongo and Teladoc, two of the largest publicly traded companies in digital health, came together in less than three months and played out against the backdrop of widespread lockdowns and quarantines of the coronavirus pandemic. The deal, announced… Read More »

Striking Decline of Premature Births and SIDS During COVID

While the global lockdowns for the COVID-19 pandemic have had far-reaching ramifications, not all side effects have been bad. Two interesting changes noted by doctors around the world are a dramatic reduction in premature births1,2,3,4,5 and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). As explained by the Decan Herald:6 “About 1 in 10 US babies is born… Read More »

Fans, Coolers or AC, What Is Safe to Use During Coronavirus? Precautions You Must Take During Summers to Prevent the Airborne COVID-19

There have been growing but legitimate concerns about the possibility of coronavirus transmission via AC, coolers and fans. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had said that there isn’t enough evidence to claim that the virus that causes COVID-19 can spread via air and that it is primarily spread through droplets when an infected person… Read More »

Suicide Attempts More Common During Postpartum Period, and More Lethal

While we have abundant data to demonstrate that the postpartum period is a time of increased vulnerability to psychiatric illness in women, it has been much more difficult to generate data estimating the risk of suicide during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Suicide is a rare event; however, suicidal ideation is relatively common among pregnant… Read More »