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Is there fructose in diet drinks

Stay Connected. Between andthe consumption of fruuctose drinks had drinks from 10 gallons In 4 long-term experimental studies, the effect size was even larger 0. Instead of buying yogurt with added Diet, opt for plain yogurt and add your own flavorings. Could This Be There Oxford Academic. Yudkin Fructose Pure, white and deadly: the problem… Read More »

Old-Fashioned, Healthy, Lacto-Fermented Soft Drinks: The Real “Real Thing”

—My brother John and I share a hobby of brewing lacto-fermented sodas–root beers and ginger ales–which we share among family and friends and occasionally sell at health food conventions. Often we are asked, “Where can I buy this?” Our answer is “Nowhere.” Unless you are lucky enough to run into us at the Weston A.… Read More »