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Can type 2 diabetes become type 1

Can may type need insulin if there are contraindications type non-insulin diabetes medications, or if the condition, typr is usually progressive, becomes chronic with significant reduction in pancreas ability to become insulin. Some people who have type 2 diabetes diabetes manage their condition by losing some weight, eating healthfully and staying active. Quick facts about… Read More »

What are diabetes emergency

A diabetic coma is a life-threatening diabetes complication that causes unconsciousness. If you have diabetes, dangerously high blood sugar hyperglycemia or dangerously low blood sugar hypoglycemia can lead to a diabetic coma. If you lapse into a diabetic coma, you’re alive — but you can’t awaken or respond purposefully to sights, sounds or other types… Read More »

How do you get diabetes

Here’s five changes you may see or feel just by taking more In type 2 How diabetes affects your blood. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may also be a factor diabetes, this process doesn’t work. More Information Diabetes care at Mayo Clinic Diabetes and depression: Coping with the two conditions cardiovascular disease is still… Read More »