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Why attacking private insurance will undermine Democrats’ suburban strategy in 2020

Democrats are hoping to ride a suburban backlash against President Trump to victory in 2020, as they did in 2018. But this suburban strategy could be seriously undermined by the positions their presidential candidates have taken on healthcare during the Democratic primaries. Trump’s brand of populism has disrupted the political map, bringing more blue collar… Read More »

Why didn’t Democrats talk about abortion during the debates?

Despite the heightened controversy over abortion, including debate over “heartbeat” bills, Planned Parenthood taxpayer subsidies, and a new Supreme Court justice, Democrats didn’t even utter the word abortion during the most recent debate nights. After a brief tussle over abortion on both nights of the first debate, there was no mention of abortion or reproductive… Read More »

Health policy analyst: Democrats’ so-called ‘moderate’ plan would ‘effectively end’ private health care – Fox News

Chris Jacobs, the founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, said Tuesday that “Medicare for America,” the latest liberal proposal being pitched as a “moderate path,” would “effectively end all private health care for many Americans.” The Medicare for America Act was first introduced in a 2018 paper by the Center for American Progress and… Read More »