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FDA pulls J&J’s Invokana boxed warning after reviewing amputation risks—but the sales damage is done

Sales of Johnson & Johnson’s diabetes drug Invokana have suffered since the FDA slapped a boxed warning on its label detailing the product’s amputation risks. But in an about-face, the agency now says it’s removed that warning. The FDA this week scrapped the boxed warning—which has graced Invokana’s label since 2017—after reviewing data from three clinical… Read More »

Can flu damage your heart

The viruses are spread through contact with body fluids of an infected person. A vaccine against rubella is available. Infections of any kind can affect the heart and circulatory system. Sometimes the flu sneaks up on us. Don’t stop taking your regular medications without first consulting your health care provider. Unless you can find a… Read More »

Why do antifungal cause liver damage

Your doctor will order certain tests to check your body’s response to ketoconazole. What is the best treatment for my condition? Do not stop taking ketoconazole without talking to your doctor. Ketoconazole has not been shown why do antifungal cause liver damage be safe or effective for these uses. Talk to your doctor about the… Read More »