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50 Days Before the U.S. Elections, Voters Say Health Care Costs and Access Top Their Health Concerns — More than COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed deep cracks and inequities in U.S. health care in terms of exposure to COVID-19 and subsequent outcomes, with access to medical care and mortality rates negatively impacting people of color to a greater extent than White Americans. The pandemic has also led to economic decline that, seven weeks before the… Read More »

Low-spending Medicaid managed care plans lead to negative health outcomes, research suggests

Low-spending Medicaid managed care plans result in reduced healthcare spending and utilization, decreased consumer satisfaction and increased avoidable hospitalizations, according to research from the National Bureau of Economic Research. “In sum, there is no indication that low-spending plans achieve savings by promoting high-value care and achieving offsets or by targeting low-value care for elimination. Instead,… Read More »

Your Coronavirus Antibodies Are Disappearing. Should You Care?

Your blood carries the memory of every pathogen you’ve ever encountered. If you’ve been infected with the coronavirus, your body most likely remembers that, too. Antibodies are the legacy of that encounter. Why, then, have so many people stricken by the virus discovered that they don’t seem to have antibodies? Blame the tests. Most commercial… Read More »