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Are there benefits of cardiac catheterization for stable coronary artery disease?

One of the main causes of chest pain is a blockage of blood flow down the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that deliver oxygenated blood to our heart muscle to allow it to beat. Depending on how fast the blockage forms, it is labeled as either a stable or unstable blockage. Unstable blockages occur quickly… Read More »

Radiation Therapy: The Uses, Side Effects, Benefits And Cost

According to the Australian government, 67,800 courses of radiation therapy were delivered in 2017-18. This number was 63,500 in the preceding year. Undoubtedly, many Australians see radiotherapy as a beneficial treatment for cancer. However, there are very few people who think radiotherapy is ineffective in treating this disease. Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams to kill… Read More »

How strong sleep aid benefits

Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, we couldn’t mention CBD oil without listing Elixinol. Some new parents struggle to do just that, learn about how to sleep to reduce back pain. Valerian root and a few more I’ll talk about below all help to naturally put you to sleep. As with… Read More »