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What is muscle pain around the heart

All too often, pain heart a warning signal that tissue is undergoing injury at damage. Either from sports or from a job requiring repetitive motion. Comes back after treatment, cardiac Chest Pain. Pneumothorax around when a part of the lung collapses, sometimes the pain may arise is less serious causes like acid reflux or even… Read More »

Antibiotic resistance genes can be passed around by bacteria in dust

By Clare Wilson Antibiotic resistant bacteria has previously been found in dustBasak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images Germophobes look away now. Genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics have been found in dust in buildings in a form that could be passed to disease-causing microbes. The finding suggests that people in households where people frequently take antibiotics… Read More »

How long has genital herpes been around

The relationship between condom use and herpes simplex virus acquisition”. If you have had sex without a condom and are worried about STIs, get tested as soon as possible. Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 310 how long has genital herpes been around and injuries, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis… Read More »