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Can anxiety give you heartburn

In some cases, a person may not know whether they are experiencing acid reflux or the physical symptoms of anxiety. Esophageal motility refers to the contractions that occur in your esophagus to move food toward your stomach. From Scotland? Study finds different types of human white fat cells. Image zoom. Many other conditions—some even life-threatening—can… Read More »

‘Optimism tinged with anxiety’: What to expect from the next 100 days of COVID-19, according to experts

Article content “What’s keeping you awake at night?” That’s the question we put to doctors, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, futurists, microbiologists and bioethicists, 100 days after the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. We asked the experts what they’re anticipating for the next 100 days, what we should do differently, what worries them most.… Read More »

Improved Screening for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety, But What Now?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now recommends screening for perinatal depression and anxiety, stating that “clinicians screen patients at least once during the perinatal period for depression and anxiety symptoms using a standard, validated tool.”   Approximately 40 states have instituted guidelines and recommendations regarding screening for perinatal depression; however, we are… Read More »

Can anxiety cause anorexia

Mealtimes may start normal, but soon, intrusive thoughts and worries may seize their brains. Assessing anorexia heritability of anorexia nervosa symptoms using a marginal maximal likelihood approach. A controlled follow-up study. Other research support these findings, which show an obviously disproportionate presence of anxiety in eating cause. However, preliminary investigations suggest that the number of… Read More »