Social Media Star and Singer Scotty Sire Thinks You Should Be Drinking Espresso Martinis in the Morning

By | August 26, 2020

Ever wake up in the morning and feel just like…pure sh*t? Yup, we’ve all been there. But to make sure that never happens again, YouTuber and singer Scotty Sire has got the perfect solve. Two words: Espresso. Martini.

To get started on his masterpiece, he gathered up: a cup, a martini glass, coffee syrup, an espresso machine, espresso, and some tequila. IYKYK, this ingredient list prob may look a lil funky to you, *ahem*, the tequila. Whatever, it’s better than vodka people!!

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First step to bringin’ this bb to life is making the espresso! Scotty went ahead and did that, and while he was waiting, got his glass and poured in about two shots of tequila over ice. Then he added a bit of the coffee syrup on top for a sweeter touch.

To give even more kick to this bev—because you can never have enough caffeine—Scotty added some bottled chai latte into the mix. By this time, his espresso was done. Time to shake her up!

We’re not sure what mystery ingredient he used to rim the martini glass, but *do* try this at home y’all! Though, maybe don’t use your bare hands as a shaker. Make sure to stream his new song ‘Breakfast In The Park’ out everywhere now!

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