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By | August 31, 2019

It’s 2019, and you can no longer throw an airbrushed model on a billboard and call it a beauty campaign. Spurned by a culture that’s redefining what beauty standards look like, more and more brands have decided to show “real people” in their advertisements. A groundbreaking new example: Skin-care brand Blume‘s Celebrate Skin campaign takes the radical step of selling acne products by picturing people with, yes, actual acne.

The brand’s thinking is explained in a blog post about the campaign. “It doesn’t need to be taboo or awkward to talk about considering what a common experience it is for so many people, no matter our age, colour, gender, or size,” the post reads. “Let’s not forget, we’re human. The conversations we have around acne should be uplifting, and having you join us here right now is an awesome way to start this journey for yourself and those around you.”

Blume surveyed 1,000 people about acne. The results, sadly, aren’t surprising. Sixty-four percent of respondents described beauty as having clear skin, 41 percent said they’ve avoided social events due to broken-out skin, and 71 percent said they have experienced depression or anxiety stemming from their skin.

The point of Celebrate Skin, says the brand, is to normalize the conversation around acne so breakouts become way less heartbreaking.

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