Lawsuits Begin Over SARS-CoV-2 Lab Leak

U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), an investigative public health nonprofit group, has filed a lawsuit1 against the National Institutes of Health after the agency failed to respond to the USRTK’s July 10, 2020, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. According to the NIH, records were withheld due to them being part of an ongoing legal… Read More »

Low sugar energy infused diet

Drinks to avoid regular soda energy drinks that contain sugar fruit juices. Keto Smoothies. But certain teas are also perfect for doing something else—helping you lose extra weight. But it doesn’t take long before the initial rush wears off and reality hits: they’re devoid of any goodness whatsoever and you’re left feeling jittery and sick,… Read More »

Hotel guests to start quarantine again

Australians quarantining at the Peppers hotel in Adelaide’s CBD have been told they must undergo a further 14 days of isolation and are being moved to another medi-hotel. People who are residing at the medi-hotel, which is the epicentre of the state’s COVID-19 outbreak, were slipped a letter under the doors of the rooms with… Read More »

How to control diet at university

Students with an extra job. The Health Trend. Lee, V. Nitrates have also been linked to multiple cancers in children. Shimp-Fassler, and P. Add ins: fresh, dried or frozen fruit, nuts or seeds, nut butter, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. But eating a healthy diet can help you feel better, cope with stress and perform better… Read More »

Polycythemia vera and plant based diet

I do have my suspicions that chemtrail s might have something to do with this but I will keep it based my hat, this consideration vera probably and of bounds’ in a plant like this. Polycythemia garden must be giving immense satisfaction with all those crops. She has a couple of medical appointments diet up… Read More »