How to prevent type 1 diabetes

Don’t smoke, be physically active, and eat a nutritious diet to help you reach or maintain a healthy weight. Rehab Therapies and Audiology. The effect of intensive type of diabetes how the development diabetes progression of long-term complications in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Research Blog. They also need to learn how to calculate the insulin dose… Read More »

How long do diuretics take to work

Do not add extra salt when you’re cooking or at the table. Some medications that might interact with a diuretic include. How often you pee can provide clues to your overall health. Today’s Top Stories. Vasodilators Vegetarian diet: Can it help me control my diabetes? Diuretics are generally safe, but there are some risks if… Read More »

How cure erectile dysfunction naturally

More than 3 million people in the United States experience erectile dysfunction ED every year. The good news? Standard treatments include injections, vacuum pumps, surgery, implants and prescription drugs—like Viagra sildenafil, Levitra vardenafil, and Cialis tadalafil. But erectile dysfunction is often self-diagnosed, with no need for expensive lab tests or an awkward conversation about sexual… Read More »