Live Whole Health: Self care episode #27 – Relaxation for headache – VAntage Point Blog

If you’re looking for relief from headaches, you might be surprised to learn that just a few basic relaxation techniques can help prevent the frequency and severity of headache attacks. Relaxation training helps you achieve a state of deep relaxation. Among its many benefits, it can help you manage noticeable tension, improve your sleep; it… Read More »

What are kapha diet

diet Ayurvedic Kapha Updated The cold quality is inherently increased are. Focus on what endurance these foods, so freshly cooked is best. During meals, it is very important to eat in a peaceful environment and to give you are at times act of being nourished so. Constitutionally it is composed of fire and water and… Read More »

This Banded Curl Home Workout Blasts Your Biceps in 10 Minutes

Bored of just doing endless sets of dumbbell biceps curls on arm day? Athlean-X‘s Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. shared a biceps workout consisting of five banded curl variations that focus on achieving hypertrophy and muscle growth in your biceps. Each of these exercises is designed to maximize tension in your muscles. The no-money banded curl creates… Read More »

Vulnerable Groups Weigh Risks as Country Reopens

Ana Anselmo, Miami. David Cohn, MD, Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University, Columbus. Darrell M. Gray II, MD, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbus. Kate Grusich, CDC, Atlanta. Jennifer Morris, Springfield, VA. Janet Morgan, MD, Cleveland Clinic. Grant C. Paulsen, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Greg Poland, MD, Mayo Clinic,… Read More »