Elimination diet for chronic pain health coach

By | August 25, 2020

elimination diet for chronic pain health coach

The biggest lesson I have learned from my experience with elimination diets is that food can help and hurt your body. For so many years I have used food to fulfill my emotional needs. I should have realized how vital food is for my body as well. I do however have some tips on improving fibromyalgia symptoms with an elimination diet. An elimination diet is a process you can go through eliminating certain foods and then strategically re-introducing those foods one by one. This makes it easier to determine what if any foods are causing you pain.

This is a continuation in the series on fibromyalgia. This post focuses on resting the gut to bring down inflammation. Then there are articles and friends and neighbors who swear they feel better when they cut out these and other foods. Being muscle tested by a healing intuitive who told me what foods I should cut out to feel better was the life-changing thing that helped me to heal and start feel better within days! This gave me HOPE. Check out that article!

For pain chronic diet health coach elimination

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and expertise on using an elimination diet! Cytokines not only help instigate food allergies but are linked to the onset of fibromyalgia symptoms, most especially for increased pain sensitivity. Even if you don’t undergo a formal elimination diet, you may be elimination to avoid these health to see how doing so effects you. Diet our pain process to learn more about how we fact-check and coach our content accurate, reliable, and chronic. Chronic inflammation is prolonged by many factors in our lives, from diet, exercise, genetics and environmental factors.

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