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Can you get fit with yoga

Physically, yoga helps to strengthen the muscles that have been weakened from a lack of movement, and the stretching in yoga helps with muscular tightness,” she said. More doctors are becoming conscious of yoga and the mind-body connection as it relates to medical things,” Roy said. Breathwork further boosts lung capacity—and possibly also VO2max—by conditioning… Read More »

Why is yoga good for health

What kind of yoga is most appropriate will depend on your age, see your doctor to make sure you’re getting benefit and not harm from yoga. Health’re sensitive to heat, it may be related to fluid loss. Why’yoga really got to get out of that room — what Are the Most Popular Types of Yoga?… Read More »

What's the salary for a yoga instructor

You will leave the training radiating and filled with confidence and joy. As you reach out into the community you now have access to a lot of people and many yoga and health related companies want to tap into that access. Salaries estimates are based on 10 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Yoga Instructor… Read More »