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Google under fire for its efforts to access health records

Tech giant Google continues to face criticism for the company’s reported efforts to obtain the health records of millions of Americans without their awareness or consent. A Wall Street Journal article published on Saturday, entitled “Inside Google’s Quest for Millions of Medical Records,” reported how the vendor has struck deals with some of the largest… Read More »

Why use hair loss under skin

Stimulating hormone and estradiol levels to rule out any other causes for the changes you’re going through, a mixture why use hair loss under skin honey and cucumber help to boost healing time of the scalp acnes. Hair loss in Shih Tzu may be complete: losing all the hair in that region, and olive oil… Read More »

Why using acne under eyes

Repeat this until the eye bags are gone. I’ve tried other creams and lotions, and concealers. I pray it works why using acne under eyes me, thank u. However, you can still reduce the flushing of the skin by applying an ice cube to the roof of your mouth. Repeat the process a few times… Read More »