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Medical News Today: What are the types of depression?

Seven common types of depression are: Major depressive disorder Share on PinterestA person with major depressive disorder may feel guilty, worthless, and hopeless. Major depressive disorder is the classic form of depression. People with major depression experience symptoms that may include: sadness feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness difficulty sleeping changes in appetite fatigue irritability… Read More »

Medical News Today: Misconceptions may lead to dehydration in older adults

A new study looks at what keeps older adults from getting sufficient fluids to avoid negative health outcomes. Share on PinterestNew research stresses the importance of staying hydrated as we get older. Staying hydrated seems simple enough. Yet studies have shown that somewhere between about one-third and one-half of older adults may be dehydrated, increasing… Read More »

How to quit smoking from today

If you don’t have an exercise routine, pick one up. The levels of poisonous carbon monoxide in your blood drops, so your blood how to quit smoking from today carry more oxygen. Why trade one bad habit for another? 5 to your least favorite charity or a political candidate you despise. I’ll quit when this pack… Read More »