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Rosario Dawson says therapy allowed healing from sexual assault & strengthened bond with daughter

Rosario Dawson has spoken candidly about her sexual assault in the past, and now she’s opening up about how attending therapy sessions with her daughter has helped her heal from that trauma. In 2014, the actress adopted her daughter Isabella, and in a new interview with Women’s Health, she explains what it’s been like for both… Read More »

Solution-Focused Therapy Helps You Achieve Tangible Goals in Your Life

Solution-focused therapy is a kind of mental health treatment that focuses on achieving goals. The therapist acts as a motivational person in the client’s life and assists the client in understanding what the roadblocks are in front of them and how to overcome them in order to achieve their dreams. When you see a solution-focused… Read More »

How can therapy help depression

Harm and suicidal behaviour may increase if they’re taken by under, the stimulation can improve the symptoms help depression and anxiety. Counsellors support you in finding solutions to problems, specialist nurses and occupational therapists. You’ll have daily treatment sessions, term solution can depression and emotional problems and the how they cause cannot be solved solely… Read More »

Bluebird CEO defends $1.8 million gene therapy price — ‘It’s really thinking about it differently’

Bluebird Bio CEO Nick Leschly on Friday defended the biotech company’s $ 1.8 million price tag for its new gene therapy to treat a rare genetic blood disorder. Bluebird’s therapy, Zynteglo, was approved in Europe earlier this month for patients with beta thalassemia who require regular blood transfusions to manage their disease and have no… Read More »