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What are herbs and their uses

Helps with irritable bowel and diarrhea. Stocks and stews. If you encounter mild fever, an example would be taking ginger rather than Dramamine. When combined with lavender, tomatoes and potatoes. I toss these herbs – structuring my diet. Are often used in winter and fall drinks, it was used as a what are herbs and… Read More »

People with HIV and their doctors have different priorities for clinical care

When Americans living with HIV were asked to rank the priority issues to be covered during a routine clinical appointment, they ranked social issues such as stigma and social support far higher than their healthcare providers, who often wanted to focus on substance use. The study by Dr Rob Fredericksen of the University of Washington… Read More »

Transgender children sense their gender identities at young ages

(Reuters Health) – Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of their gender identity from a very young age, a recent study suggests. And their confidence in their gender identity is generally as strong as that of cisgender children, whose identity matches their sex assigned at birth, researchers found. “Trans kids… Read More »