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Clare Crawley Kept the Dress That She Told Juan Pablo Off in Because “It Was the Most Empowering Moment”

Future Bachelorette Clare Crawley hopped on Instagram yesterday to share that she kept the dress she wore when Juan Pablo Galavis dumped her on The Bachelor. She calls it “the most empowering moment of my life.” Wow, add this to the list of reasons why I’m so frickin’ pumped for Clare Crawley’s season of the… Read More »

– My Most Valuable Advice

Ultimate Guide on How to Make Good Use Pod Vape System. Today, there are a lot of people who are vaping. The experience offered by vaping is more than you will get when you smoke. It is necessary to know that a pod vape system is the right thing you need if at all you… Read More »

Health officials brace for coronavirus spread to Africa as modelling study reveals most vulnerable countries

Scientists warn of potential calamity from novel coronavirus in African countries with strong links to Chinese investment and travel while ill-prepared to detect cases and limit transmission. A new modelling study estimating preparedness, vulnerability and likelihood of importing the new virus, called COVID-19, that is raging in China, calls for an urgent priority for increased… Read More »