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Live data shows industries footfall down by 78% across North America due to Coronavirus outbreak

Purple has access to billions of presence footfall data points, 155 million users in over 185 countries and their expert data scientist team has constructed visual models of the impact that Coronavirus has had in North America. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Purple have developed a live dashboard, enabling people, businesses and economists to track… Read More »

Doctor explains how long Covid-19 can live on clothes – and shares washing tips

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK continues to rise and as does our fear of touching anything. We’ve seen people putting condoms over their fingers to avoid touching elevator buttons in their apartment building and others attempting to open doors with their elbows. There is still plenty we don’t know about… Read More »

Keto diet may cause temporary flu-like symptoms. Here’s what to expect. – Live Science

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Keto diet may cause temporary flu-like symptoms. Here’s what to expect.  Live Science Coronavirus or keto? Study shows diet causes flu-like symptoms  New York Post Trying the Keto Diet? Watch Out for the ‘Keto Flu’  HealthDay Coronavirus cure? How a keto diet may bolster your immune system  Film Daily The keto diet can lead… Read More »