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New research finds drinking tea on a regular basis is linked to a longer life

Stick on the kettle.  Listen up tea lovers, as new research has shown that regular tea consumption is linked to a longer and healthier life. The study as reported in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, found that drinking tea at least three times a week can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve… Read More »

These Are The Chicest Reusable Coffee Cups You Need In Your Life

They’ve been around for ages (and if you haven’t already bought one, the environmental Gods are bestowing a permanent frown upon you until you do), but the makers of reusable coffee cups are definitely getting way more inventive with their designs lately. Have you noticed? From colourful glass to ceramic and hand-painted, there’s something for everyone in… Read More »

Will tricare for life pay for viagra

Medicare wraparound coverage for Tricare beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, other factors that contribute to your claim payment include whether you were outside of the U. Beneficiaries residing in Germany cannot use the home delivery option due to country, if you do, medicare contributes nothing towards paying your claims. The… Read More »