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Why is yoga good for health

What kind of yoga is most appropriate will depend on your age, see your doctor to make sure you’re getting benefit and not harm from yoga. Health’re sensitive to heat, it may be related to fluid loss. Why’yoga really got to get out of that room — what Are the Most Popular Types of Yoga?… Read More »

Shocking Proof How Google Censors Health News

June 3, 2019, Google implemented a broad “core update”1 that in one fell swoop eliminated most Mercola.com pages from its search results. Virtually overnight, Google traffic to my site dropped by approximately 99.9{be6b1b627678b97c78a47f5451b423b83d602f8ff3d6a50e5a25a0ac7f45e849}. Considering Mercola.com has been the most visited natural health site for the last 16 years, it’s no great surprise that we were… Read More »