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Lip-filler clinics offer to carry out procedure on girl aged just 16

Ellie’s only 16. But 20 clinics (including two on Harley Street) said they’d inject her with lip fillers… and they weren’t even breaking the law The undercover actor visited 20 practitioners for the Vice investigation All of the practitioners agreed to treat her, and only two asked for proof of age Industry guidelines say that… Read More »

You Need to Get to Know the Girl Who Plays Erica Sinclair on ‘Stranger Things’

It’s Stranger Things weekend, y’all! While you’re probably currently Googling every single plot line and potential spoiler, you should also do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Priah (pronounced Pree-uh, rhymes with CYA) Ferguson, the charming nug of a human that plays Lucas Sinclair’s little sister Erica. She’s back in an even bigger way… Read More »