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What is arthritis in the foot

Which serves as a protective cover and cushion for the ends of the bones that form a joint, it can affect both the larger and the smaller joints of the body, low level laser therapy may be considered for relief of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Thanks to all authors for creating a page… Read More »

Can diabetes use foot massager

These come in a range of styles, some you put your feet on, while others you put your feet, or legs into, and smaller ones can be handheld. Do you have any wounds or fragile skin? Take a look at this interesting post from diabetes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause corns and calluses, ulcers and nail… Read More »

Where to rub foot for migraine

Most commonly, they occur at the forehead or the temples. When you press the points, you may feel some soreness or pain, but it shouldn’t be unbearable. I loved the detailed description of how to apply each of the acupuncture points. Just like with lavender oil, you can use a diffuser to where to rub… Read More »

How to make antifungal foot soak

To prepare tea tree oil foot soak, fill a small tub with lukewarm how to make antifungal foot soak and 20 to 25 drops of tea tree oil. You can also put a few drops of lavender oil for added scent. Make sure to mix the ingredients thoroughly. A foot soak is especially effective because… Read More »