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How strong flu during pregnancy

Given these limitations, for pregnant women these illnesses can be quite dangerous. That you come in contact will interact with your immune system; you may prepare it on yourself or how strong flu during pregnancy at a drugstore an already made solution and mix it with water at home. Some people say that while you’re… Read More »

Homeless Los Angeles residents seize vacant homes for shelter during coronavirus pandemic

Commuters walk past the shelters and tents of homeless people underneath a railway track (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images) With the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, homeless residents of Los Angeles have taken over vacant homes in El Sereno, stating on Wednesday the government has not provided them with shelter. The takeover of the homes… Read More »

Telemedicine during COVID-19: Benefits, limitations, burdens, adaptation

As the COVID-19 virus wreaks havoc with the healthcare system, telemedicine is stepping up into the spotlight and helping healthcare provider organizations and caregivers better respond to the needs of Americans who have contracted the virus and Americans who need to touch base with their providers on the status of their health. Telemedicine is making… Read More »