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How Moderna is using Amazon cloud to produce personalized cancer vaccines

Moderna Therapeutics is working with Amazon‘s cloud service to deliver a new class of medicines that apply messenger RNA, which is the “software of life,” CEO Stephane Bancel said Wednesday. The biotech company is undergoing clinical trials with mRNA, a single-stranded molecule used to make protein in cells, to develop personalized cancer vaccines. In an… Read More »

Check-Cap’s Swallowable X-Ray Pill Allows For Prep-Free Colon Cancer Screenings

It’s no secret that preparation for a colonoscopy is an uncomfortable experience. At times, the preparation can be so off-putting, that some chose to forgo the procedure altogether. For this reason, Check-Cap has created a digestible capsule for prep-free colon cancer screening to ensure that no patient gets left behind in cancer precaution. The device… Read More »

Medical News Today: Cancer drug shows promise in Parkinson’s disease safety trial

Nilotinib, a drug that regulators have approved for the treatment of leukemia, has shown promise in a small clinical trial of people with Parkinson’s disease. Share on PinterestAn approved leukemia drug holds promise for the treatment of Parkinson’s. The main purpose of the trial was to assess the repurposed drug’s safety and tolerability and how… Read More »