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Why not anti fungal body

Don’t rely on natural remedies as a substitute for medical treatment. Wearing the same shoes for too many days in why not anti fungal body row can cause a fungal infection. Then, even if the infection clears up, you could re-contract the infection by, for example, sleeping on unwashed sheets. Keep your feet clean and… Read More »

How a migraine affects your body

Premonitory Phase of Migraine – Biology and Clinical Characteristics. This may be with or without a headache. Migraines are a significant source of both medical costs and lost productivity. The nausea and sensitivity to noise come together, and my head is in a vise. But TMS is not a cure how a migraine affects your… Read More »

How can vitamin d help your body

Your skin can manufacture its own vitamin D. In this article, you can get vitamin D in three ways: through your skin, not everyone can book that warm weather getaway. Are you at risk of breaking a bone? 000 prescription drugs, you may want to get your vitamin D levels tested. Food or the sun,… Read More »

Alcohol warning: The six ways drinking alcohol every day for a month can affect your body

Kidneys Alcohol is a diuretic, which causes the kidneys to produce more urine, said Dr Thornber. He added: “This, alone or with vomiting, can lead to dehydration and dangerously low levels of sodium, potassium and other minerals and salts.” Pancreas Just one single session of heavy alcohol use can lead to dangerously low blood sugar… Read More »