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10 Culinary Herbs And Spices With Remarkable Health Benefits

From remarkable fat-burning powers to possible cancer-fighting compounds, herbs and spices are the unsung heroes of our kitchens. They not only have the ability to turn a bland, uninteresting meal into a delicious, gourmet dinner, but also to ease aches and pains, and protect against diseases. Every year people spend thousands of dollars on medicine,… Read More »

Digital pharmacy CEO on benefits of giving tech a human touch – Crain’s New York Business

In 2015, after a miserable drugstore experience, Eric Kinariwala founded Capsule, an app-based pharmacy that does same-day delivery of medications throughout the city. A former investor for Bain Capital and Perry Capital, the CEO said he applied his knowledge of the retail, health care and technology sectors to the role. Capsule has seen staggering growth… Read More »

Benefits of Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukhmma)

The benefits of downward dog pose include helping to release tension in the shoulders, align the spinal column, and strengthen the legs and arms. The downward dog pose lengthens and stretches the hamstrings and Achilles tendons as well as increasing ankle flexibility. Start with the hands and knees on the floor in the “table” position, arms… Read More »